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:: Methodology

San Diego Language School works teaching languages focusing the communicative approach. We have partnership with the greatest international publishers. Nowadays, we have a partnership with Pearson Longman and our books are available in the digital format and the classes are in two events (online and presence courses). Our student learns the language naturally, as the same way they learned to speak Portuguese.

Studying at San Diego is learning a language in a spontaneous way, developing and expressing your creativity, teachers teach students putting them in real life situations, day-by-day classes, listening to music, checking emails, watching video clips and movies, surfing on the web and participating of activities and games.

The secret of our success is the engagement, the satisfaction and commitment of our teachers and employees that are trained and keep them up-dated during the semester to our own Teaching Department.

Our teachers are innovators and animated, they use a natural language following the intonation, rhythm and the speed of the language patterns.


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